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(NEW) 40 Pack x myReal Premium Prawn Crackers Stick 50g - Lumut Crackers
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(NEW) 40 Pack x myReal Premium Prawn Crackers Stick 50g
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myReal Premium Prawn Crackers Stick 50g

Shrimp serves as an excellent source of lean protein. It also contains all the amino acids that your cells can't synthesize on their own. Every cell in your body contains protein molecules -- and the amino acids from your diet allow your cells to generate new proteins to repair old or damaged ones. The protein in your diet also helps you make peptide hormones -- a group that includes insulin, a hormone that regulates your blood sugar. (Quote)

Ingredients: Tapioca Flour, Fresh Prawn Meat, Castor Sugar, Salt, Raising Agent, Vegetable Oil.

Allergy : Contains Shellfish.

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